Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hot Stove, Cool Music

I'm a baseball nut, and a diehard Red Sox fan. I hope to share my love of baseball as well as music with you all through this blog. The title comes from a Red Sox benefit concert held every January. Although much of the content will be about the Sox, I will try to cover other topics as they come up. This won't necessarily be the place to go for news, but rather a New Englander's spin on everybody's favorite game.

Today the big news was that Stephen Strasburg, young fireballer for the Washington Nationals, will require Tommy John surgery. This is a numbing tragedy, considering talent like that doesn't come around every day. Perhaps a consolation for the Nationals is that they get Strasburg for an extra year should he come back from the injury.

Also, the Sox lost to the Rays 3-2 in 10 innings. Ray Dan Johnson hit a walkoff homer in the 10th. This was pretty much a must win game for the sox, and needless to say people who were shouting pack it in before today are certainly shouting it louder tonight. Yesterday was such an uplifting win, and today looked good too for the most part. Clay Buchholz pitched yet another gem, and can't be expected to give up no runs in an outing. Bottom line: the sox bats, apart from Victor Martinez, were quiet and didn't give enough run support. WEEI tomorrow will be full of callers shouting that Buchholz should have stayed in longer, i'm sure.

Anyways, heres a cool track to end the night with. Its a new track by Cee-Lo Green called F*ck You. Getting past the name, its a really fun and catchy song. If you are thinking that the voice sounds familiar, it is because he is the singer of Gnarls Barkley, of "Crazy" fame.

F*ck You- Cee-Lo Green


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